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EDL Street Fighting Man

http://youtu.be/EaHmZdGvMgk    <click here for my EDL video

The Dog Says:-

I made this video about six months ago. It is still relevant today. In fact even more so. NO SURRENDER.


The most honest statement ever made about Islam along with many of the cult’s rituals that are inexplicable

The Dog Says:-

Now you know the truth about Islam, what are YOU going to do about it? Sit on your fat backside and hope it’ll go away or fight by joining a Nationalist, anti-Islamic group like the BNP or EDL or Britain First.

Do something NOW before it’s too late.

Breaking News: Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carrol Arrested on Way to Woolwich

Greater Manchester Police officers in Piccadil...

The Dog Says:-

So, now we know. The British Police have been Islamized. God help us…

Muslims Attack Tommy Robinson (EDL) And Tommy Is Arrested

Police attack EDL in Dudley, UK

Muslims Attack Tommy Robinson (EDL) And Tommy Is Arrested    <click for BNI

If this didn’t come from my friend Bonni of BareNakedIslam, I probably wouldn’t believe it. Tommy Robinson of the EDL was attacked by a bunch of 7th Century savages (Muslims) and it is Tommy who is arrested. Only in Britanistan.