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Saudi: An Eye For A Tooth.

Flag of Saudi Arabia Español: Bandera de Arabi...

Saudi: An Eye For A Tooth.    <click here.

If people in the West knew the true extent to which the Saudi government has political, financial and social influence in Britain, let alone Europe. Every school, library and food store in Britain would be closed down. Even Prince Charles is infatuated with the Saudi‘s, learning (or trying to learn) Arabic in the process of his putative conversion to Islam.

After the Queen, Emir Charles Windsor?

After the Queen, Emir Charles Windsor?     < click

If Prince Charles does become King and turns to a foreign religion (Islam), he wouldn’t be the first King Charles to be Executed for Treason, would he?

Has Prince Charles converted to Islam?

See Daniel Pipes view here> http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/2003/11/is-prince-charles-a-convert-to-islam