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OUTRAGE! Obama Administration Allowed Radical Cleric to Curse US Navy SEAL Heroes at Funeral

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

The Dog Says:-

Obama really is an arrogant, narcissistic son of a B***h. Also, on a more serious note, I think he is the most prolific, treacherous liar, in all Americas political history.

If he isn’t impeached, there is no justice in the world. How much more of him can the good people of America put up with?


(Video) “If any State prevents us from spreading Islam on its soil we will wage Jihad”

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We give in. NOT TO PAY JIZYA but to kick you Muslims back to the stone-age when you try to collect that Jizya.
Be warned Muslims. The West is ready for you. And don’t listen to the treacherous politicians and ‘talking head appeasers’ in our Nations. We’ll execute them for treason too.

The Muslim Issue

“Should the Muslims fight the People of the Book (i.e. Jews and Christians), in order to force them to pay jizya (poll tax)? Should the Muslims fight the People of the Book worldwide?” the TV-presenter asks Sheik Ahmad Abu Quddu with the Jordanian Tahrir Party.

“This fighting is in order to remove materials obstacles. It is waged against countries, not against individuals. When we declare jihad against Germany, for instance, it is declared against the German state, for refusing to allow Islam to spread to the people of Germany.”

Glad you verified it for us all.

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