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Congress Moves To Outlaw Alternative Media

The Dog Says:-

Us bloggers to become a thing of the past if Government has its way. Yea right, Me stop blogging the truth as I see it. Just watch me.

Selective silencing: Was Michael Hastings murdered? By Doug Hagmann & Are the Pressures of Failure and Fear of Imprisonment Forcing Obama to Take Over Our Country? By Jerry McConnell

The Dog Says:-

Things won’t get better for ordinary Americans (and the rest of the world) until this usurper, Obama, is out of office and safely behind bars.

Frosty Wooldridge — The 100 million immigrant amnesty equation

If your leader, King, President, whatever…allows a high percentage of illegal and therefore unwanted people to become legitimate. He/She becomes complicit in the outcome of such a stupid move. Appeasement never works; the appeased simply feel they have won and that their appeaser is weak or treasonous.
It is the latter that I think is happening in Britain and America. Obama is already installed in America. God help us in Britain if Emir (prince) Charles ever becomes King of Britain. He is Islamophillic and possibly a covert Muslim convert. These people MUST be EXPOSED and the people of their Nations informed of their putative intentions.

Treason Alert: Dems Try to Move Gun Bill Forward Without Allowing Senators to Read It

You need to end this Socialist/Islamist hegemony developing in the USA.