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Are you aware of the danger Britain ? Islam could be dominant UK religion in 10 years / UK News…

The Dog said to jericho777:-

I wish I could get this through to people in Britain, Jeffrey. But I can’t. They seem to be sleepwalking into oblivion. When I try to wake them up. All I get is, “you are just trying to make trouble, we know some ‘nice’ Muslims”.
I say “yes, like the ones who be-headed Lee Rigby et al.” They were considered ‘nice’ by their infidel friends until they…well you know, it’s history now.

BREAKING NEWS!! Muslim extremist leader Abu Izzadeen attacks Chairman Paul Golding!

The Dog Says:-

My Pal Supajohnny is a paid up member of Britain First and takes attacks on Paul Golding as an attack on ALL of us. When will our so-called government EXPEL this Savage from out Green and Pleasant Land?
Thanks for the post Jeffrey (jericho777)

Bombshell: The Real Reason Barack Obama And Michele Lost Their Law License. Old Story…. But a reminder of Who is in Charge ot our Exceptional Nation!!!

The Dog Says:-

We at The Dog do not believe he was a bone fide Lawyer in the first place. There is no evidence he passed the Harvard Bar exam and precious little evidence that he even went to either Harvard or Occidental. When will the Bullshit end?

Good post Jeffrey.

Monstrous Cloud With Mass Of 10 Billion Suns And Spanning Over 300,000 Light-Years – Envelops Colliding Galaxies

The Dog Says:-

This is like looking at a new creation. There will soon (in the next million or so years) be a new star forming region creating a stellar nursery. And who knows, new cosmic solar systems. Fascinating stuff.

This demonstrates, to me, the vastness and intricacy of Gods creation.
My sincere thanks to jericho777, Jeffrey, for this wonderful post.

If you look to the right of the picture called Pillars of Creation. (part of the Eagle Nebula). It looks to me like Teddybear ‘The Dog’, begging a bone.  >