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Supajohnny Says:-

I hope my Dog, Teddybear (The Dog) lives as long. What a heart wrenching story this is.

The Dog Says:-


Rest In Peace, Schoep, woof, woof, lick, lick.



Schoep the arthritic dog who warmed the hearts of millions in poignant picture dies after celebrating his 20th birthday

  • ArthriticGerman Shepherd has died a month after his 20th birthday
  • He became an internet sensation with moving photograph of him in lake

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No More Facebook For The Dog

For a number of reasons, the Dog and I will no longer be associated with Facebook. I have closed my FB account and will not be returning. I value freedom of speech and will not allow a company to censure me. I will still be found here and LinkedIn, twitter etc. Though I only respond to posts on WordPress…for now.

And Now Back To Islam

Raping Women in the Name of Islam

 With thanks to the Gatestone Institute for emailing this to me.
As of now, families of “pro-Palestinian” activists will have to think ten times before sending their daughters on humanitarian aid convoys.

While jihadis in Syria are importing girls from Tunisia to satisfy their sexual needs, their colleagues in Libya are kidnapping and raping women.

Last week, the father of two British women of Pakistani origin said that his daughters were gang raped in front of him by Muslim fundamentalists in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi.

The father, Awadh al-Barassai, said on his Facebook page that the women were part of a humanitarian convoy that was heading to the Gaza Strip.

He said that the women were raped in front of him after being kidnapped by Muslim extremists. He condemned the crime as a “horrible act.”

According to reports in the Arab media, the two women were gang raped in accordance with a fatwa [Islamic religious decree] issued by Jordanian Salafi Sheikh Yasser Ajlouni. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI9LOh5pUpw

Ajlouni’s fatwa allows the jihadis to have sexual intercourse with women who fall captive during war.

The women who were raped in Libya obviously had not been aware of the fatwa.

That they were part of a human convoy headed to help Muslims in the Gaza Strip did not prevent Libya’s jihadis from perpetrating their crime.

The “pro-Palestinian” groups in charge of the convoy must feel a bit embarrassed about this crime. That is perhaps why they have been trying to hide the case from the eyes of Muslims and the international community.

What happened to the two women in Libya is a big disgrace not only to Islam, but to all those who sympathize with fundamentalists and terrorists, including the “scholars” and “sheikhs” who authorize such crimes.

Moderate Muslims who fail to strongly condemn the Muslim terrorists and rapists also bear responsibility for the crimes that are being committed in the name of Islam.

The gang rape in Libya will also cause tremendous damage to the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip. As of now, families of “pro-Palestinian” activists around the world will have to think ten times before sending their daughters on humanitarian aid convoys.

What more do you stupid socialists need? Egg in your beer!

14 Muslim Men Gang Rape a 15-Year-old Girl They Met on Facebook

14 Muslim Men Gang Rape a 15-Year-old Girl They Met on Facebook.
Q: Oh Lord, when will this end?
A: When YOU get up and fight Islam ’till it becomes Waslam. Otherwise Your God Wouldn’t Like It.