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The Reason Obama Is Harming America

Official photographic portrait of US President...

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Another great post by my pal, Brittius. Woof, woof…


Muslims Hate Dogs…and US

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http://youtu.be/g0cbyCOoydU    <click here for BNP report.

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Muslims seem to think that there are parts of the UK that belong to them. NO WAY will any part of Britain belongs to ANY Muslim. The police need to be careful whose side they appear to be on.
These men were simply collecting for Dogs charities. True Brits love animals (Not the Muslim variety though).

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Like Nick Griffin says, “Don’t get mad, get even”.

Can We Stop This Creeping Jihad?

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We are experiencing both Violent and Cultural Jihad in Britain.

Activists Warn U.S. Women of Sharia Law Threat

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We, British Men, (and Dogs) will protect our Women and Children from Muslim Rapists/Paedo’s too.

sharia unveiled


by, Schuyler Montague

In the time it takes you to watch the video above, a woman will have been buried in the ground, up to her chest and stoned to death. And, this will be the justice of Islam.  Two more women will have found justice at the tip of a muslim’s whip and this is the justice of Islam.  Another woman just had acid thrown in her face and this is the justice of Islam. This is all, sharia law.

Do not believe the lies of those who wish to allow the encroachment of Islamic Sharia Law into our society.  Islam does not view women as second class or third class, but rather no class.  Islam views a woman as a piece of property.  Their own literature equates a woman to that of a plow or a cow.  Something to be owned by the male, to be bartered…

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Stone Throwing Muslims Get Owned By Two German Shepherd Dogs.

German Shepherd Dogs
German Shepherd Dogs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stone Throwing Muslims Get Owned By Two German Shepherd Dogs.    <click for Dogs Eating Muslim..

No real need to say much except Your Dog LOVES This. Allah Woofbah…lol