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The Dog Says:-

I love Humans who are kind to Animals.

Supajohnny Says:-

God Bless the South Florida Fire fighters…


Car drives several miles with dog trapped by axle

Associated Press 

DANIA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — South Floridafirefighters came to the rescue of a dog that traveled 5 miles while trapped under the hood of a car.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office says firefighters were called Thursday afternoon to Dania Beach to free the dog. The animal had been trapped between the car’s axle and steering mechanism.

A sheriff’s office spokesman says the dog suffered no injuries, even though it had been driven roughly 5 miles from Hallandale Beach. It wasn’t immediately clear how the dog became trapped.

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BREAKING: Morsi under house arrest. Tanks on the move in Cairo. Is Egypt on the brink of civil war?

Mohamed Morsi - Caricature

Now it all begins…
I fear that Morsi the Mahdi might arise from this apparently fatal blow to his regime.
Watch this space…

UPDATED: Extremely graphic pictures from the attack at the finish line ***WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT*** April 16, 2013

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The Sub-Human savage that did this belongs in the lowest pit of HELL. I hear that some Muslim communities in the world, Hamas etc…, are giving out sweets to children to celebrate the atrocity in Boston. There are NO civilized words for these people.

Whether or not Muslims are responsible for this murder of innocent people. There is NO excuse for handing out sweets to children in Muslim countries like the Palestinian areas of Israel. This, in ‘celebration’ of innocent people being murdered by ANYONE.

Thanks to jericho777 for this excellent post…

BREAKING NEWS: Arrest has been made in Boston marathon bombing and suspect will be brought to court after a ‘dark-skinned male’ was clearly identified from two separate videos

Dark Skinned Male, needs skinning alive, sorry my Christian friends but the look of the victims, especially that INNOCENT little boy angers me.
If these sickening terrorists think they can frighten us into giving up our freedoms in the West, they are VERY MUCH MISTAKEN and have another thing coming.

Frosty Wooldridge — The 100 million immigrant amnesty equation

If your leader, King, President, whatever…allows a high percentage of illegal and therefore unwanted people to become legitimate. He/She becomes complicit in the outcome of such a stupid move. Appeasement never works; the appeased simply feel they have won and that their appeaser is weak or treasonous.
It is the latter that I think is happening in Britain and America. Obama is already installed in America. God help us in Britain if Emir (prince) Charles ever becomes King of Britain. He is Islamophillic and possibly a covert Muslim convert. These people MUST be EXPOSED and the people of their Nations informed of their putative intentions.

Planned Parenting Are Killing Newborn Children

Planned Parenting Are Killing Newborn Children    <click to help Jay, save children.

I recently received this email. Jay Sekulow  Chief Counsel of ACLJ desperately needs funding to put a stop to the Government funding of this murderous group of evildoers. I thought I might help by posting Jay’s email to me.
We cannot turn a blind eye to the murder of children.

AP’s Political Correctness

No political correctness
No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AP’s Political Correctness   < click to see WND

Political Correctness is obfuscation. Obfuscation is lies and people who accept lies are Idiots. So Political Correctness is Idiotic.

Ohio Man Rapes Baby to Death, Not Tried For Rape, Unlikely To Receive Penalty

I used to ask how God would allow such evil. I now know that he doesn’t. He gives us all free will and that is the choice of a loving God not a Tyrant like Allah.

ONLY 18? Muslim savage gets 18 years for plotting terror attack on Seattle military complex

Nederlands: Koran. Handgeschreven Koran in Ara...
Nederlands: Koran. Handgeschreven Koran in Arabisch schrift (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ONLY 18? Muslim savage gets 18 years for plotting terror attack on Seattle military complex.

Should be 28 years minimum, and for his baghead wife too. Release him only after he publically urinates on a Koran, dries it then burns it.