IS women ‘may carry out UK attacks’

My wife agrees that she’s to avoid anyone dressing in Muslim apparel. Even if that means crossing the road or getting off the bus. We must rid Britain of this garbage as soon as possible. They MUST NOT be allowed back into Britain. If they have gone to Syria or Iraq, there they must stay.

~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~

British women who have travelled to Iraq and Syria to create an “Islamic utopia” could return home to carry out attacks as the conflict drags on, experts have warned.c0396f7c-1482-4e5d-b9b3-33a96f0eb696

An investigation into why Western women are joining Islamic State (IS) revealed some were now willing to go against the terror group’s strict rules banning them from acts of violence.

Umm Ubaydah, a female European jihadist, questioned on social media whether she could “pull a Mulan and enter the battlefield”, while another British woman, Umm Khattab, described how she put on an explosive belt after hearing gun shots, according to the report.

Umm Ubaydah with her friends, Umm Haritha and Umm Layth. Photo: @_UmmWaqqas

The study, by the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue, also found many Western women in IS were “desensitised” to the brutal beheadings carried out by the militants, including one who described the murder of American aid…

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