Manchester Sex Attacker Described As ‘Asian’ Boy As Young As 12

Girls, he’s 5 ft 2. Kick him in the nuts and run.

Kafir Crusaders

Its like deja vu this. It wasn’t that long ago when a Muslim adolescent was loose on the streets of Manchester carrying out a spree of sexual assaults on female students and shoppers in the City Centre. Now months later and a couple of miles down the road. A teenage rape jihadist is sexually abusing random girls and women in the street

It seems that these Muslim perverts start off at a young age. Hardly surprising though. They go to koran classes where they are told Mohammed is the perfect Muslim who they must emulate. Then they study the xrated book of the koran hearing stories about how Mohammed was some kind of sexual superman and his sexual conquests

Manchester sex attacker who assaulted 5 people could be boy as young as 12

Dec 16, 2014 07:18 By Pete Bainbridge
Police are hunting the boy for allegedly indecently assaulting three girls and…

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