Misery and suffering greets hundreds of wannabe girl terrorists in Syria

This is more than interesting. It’s vital information. We must NOT let ANY of these people back into the West.

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JIHADI BRIDE: 550 women have moved to Syria to support terrorist group IS [GETTY] A think tank estimates the number of Westerners heading to Syria in the name of jihad at 3,000, with as many as 550 of them women.

But the Institute for Strategic Dialogue has found that many of the women moving to the country are shocked to find the conditions that await them.

Women need men just so they can get out and about which becomes even more difficult for women without husbands, a study found.

One of the women the study’s authors spoke to said: “The reality is that to stay without a man here is really difficult.

“It is not like the west where you can casually walk out and go to Asda/Walmart and drive back home … even till now we have to stay safe outside and must always be accompanied by a Mahram…

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IS women ‘may carry out UK attacks’

My wife agrees that she’s to avoid anyone dressing in Muslim apparel. Even if that means crossing the road or getting off the bus. We must rid Britain of this garbage as soon as possible. They MUST NOT be allowed back into Britain. If they have gone to Syria or Iraq, there they must stay.

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British women who have travelled to Iraq and Syria to create an “Islamic utopia” could return home to carry out attacks as the conflict drags on, experts have warned.c0396f7c-1482-4e5d-b9b3-33a96f0eb696

An investigation into why Western women are joining Islamic State (IS) revealed some were now willing to go against the terror group’s strict rules banning them from acts of violence.

Umm Ubaydah, a female European jihadist, questioned on social media whether she could “pull a Mulan and enter the battlefield”, while another British woman, Umm Khattab, described how she put on an explosive belt after hearing gun shots, according to the report.

Umm Ubaydah with her friends, Umm Haritha and Umm Layth. Photo: @_UmmWaqqas


The study, by the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue, also found many Western women in IS were “desensitised” to the brutal beheadings carried out by the militants, including one who described the murder of American aid…

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Op-Ed: Is the Middle East on the Verge of Exploding?

Is civil or even World War III around the corner?


Op-Ed: Is the Middle East on the Verge of Exploding? Israel National News, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, January 21, 2015

The potential for destruction posed by all these disputes is enormous, and the explosion may shake Europe and even cross the Atlantic when Islamic extremists blow their minds at the deep crisis affecting the entire Middle East.


Five separate sets of potential fireworks have been igniting simultaneously in the Middle East for the last few weeks, each of them adding fuel to the fires caused by the others. If and when these developments reach the kindling point, the entire region may go up in uncontrollable flames.

These are the sources of the fires:

a. the rivalry between Al Qaeda and ISIS

b. the intensifying struggle between the Sunni Jabhat al Nusra and the Shiite Hezbollah.

c. the successes of the Houthis in Yemen

d. Islamic fury at what is happening in Egypt

e. the struggle between Islamic…

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Black Students Consider Learning Proper English “Racist”

“I think they should be left in their ignorance”. Now THAT is racist.



by Ian Mosley

An article from Federalistpapers.com reports: “A UCLA professor was called racist, and guilty of a ‘micro-aggression’ against black students for correcting grammar and spelling issues on their papers. A protest was organized and students claim the professor has created a hostile climate on campus for his actions.”

“…25 University of California (at) Los Angeles students participated in a sit-in protest because, get this, one of their professors had the gall to correct grammar and spelling issues on some black students’ papers. Val Rust, a professor of education and information, was the target of the protestors for what they feel was racial insensitivity. Describing themselves as ‘aggrieved minority students,’ they claim that the professor was wrong to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in the papers of black students.”

Should he just let them continue to write illiterate and incomprehensible gibberish? How low has the Affirmative Action bar for…

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Female Italian hostages beg for their lives in new *video*

estern Liberals won’t listen.
You know that these places, (Syria & Iraq), are places of Death. So, going there is tantamount to suicide. So, if you’re stupid enough to go there and get caught by ISIS (or whatever), don’t complain that you might face death. You knew you might.

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Two Italian aid workers captured in Syria by al-Qaeda appear on Youtube video

Greta Ramelli (left) and Vanessa Marzullo Greta Ramelli (left) and Vanessa Marzullo were working as aid volunteers in Syria

By Nick Squires, Rome:

A video has emerged of two young Italian women, who were kidnapped in Syria last summer, begging for their lives and warning that they are in “danger” of being executed.

Wearing black veils, Greta Ramelli, 20, and Vanessa Marzullo, 21, tell the camera: “We are in big danger and we could be killed,” in the latest hostage crisis to confront the West.

The video message, posted on YouTube and thought to be genuine, marks a chilling start to 2015 for their families in Italy, but does at least prove that they are still alive.

The two young women, who were working as aid volunteers in Syria, were kidnapped near Aleppo last July. They had been in Syria for just a…

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Alice Cooper: Satan is real and the world should beware!

I have liked Alice Cooper since I was a young Man (many years ago). But to find out he’s also a Christian warms my heart.

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alice cooper imagebot

“The world belongs to Satan,” according to rock star Alice Cooper – and his job is to warn people that the Devil is real

Known for his outrageous stage act which featured guillotines, electric chairs, chopped up dolls and songs about necrophilia, Cooper – born Vince Furnier – has been a Christian for many years.

Kreepin Deth ..Alice Cooper performing live at Wembley Arena in 2012.

In an interview with CNS News he spoke of his struggle with alcoholism, saying: “Thirteen years ago I stopped drinking and I started going back to church. I was throwing up blood every morning, I was really a bad alcoholic. I wasn’t a cruel or mean alchoholic, but I was definitely a self-destructive one.”

Asked what he would say to people struggling with drugs, alcohol or pornography, he said: “The world doesn’t belong to us, the world belongs to Satan. We’re living in that…

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Boys of seven accused of rape as porn takes its toll: Nearly 1,000 children questioned by police in Manchester but never prosecuted because of their age

This is yet more evidence that we are in the Last Days. Read Matthew 24

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  • Data released by police under freedom of information laws reveals that in Manchester the boy of seven was accused of raping a girl under 13
  • In North Wales two boys aged nine were also accused of the same offence 
  • NSPCC said porn was ‘warping young people’s views of what is normal’

Boys as young as seven and eight have been questioned by police on suspicion of rape, shocking figures reveal (stock picture) Boys as young as seven and eight have been questioned by police on suspicion of rape, shocking figures reveal (stock picture)#

Boys as young as seven and eight have been questioned by police on suspicion of rape, shocking figures reveal.

They were among almost 1,000 children under ten accused of serious crimes in Manchester over the past three years but never prosecuted because of their age.

In North Wales two boys aged nine were also accused of the same offence over the past 24 months.

A rape claim was also…

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