IS beheaded 4 Christian children, says ‘Vicar of Baghdad’

I believe that as the sword swung, in each case, God the Father stopped time for these little children, then took them to His Son Jesus Yesuah who comforted them as they played in His garden unaware that they had been hurt at all. Must have been confusing for these children, being threatened by Satan one second, then the next, in the arms of Jesus. And Satan cannot do a thing about it.
It is fearful for US looking on. But, Jesus said ‘be not afraid’. You see He is God and in charge of all perception, NOT Satan whose fate is already sealed.
If Jesus said, Trust in Me and I won’t allow you to find a burden you cannot handle. I BELIEVE HIM, NOT ISIS or whatever their wretched name is.

End Time Bible Prophecy

Canon Andrew White at St. George's Church, Baghdad, with children from his congregation (photo: YouTube screenshot)Canon Andrew White at St. George’s Church, Baghdad, with children from his congregation (photo: YouTube screenshot)

Speaking from Jerusalem, Anglican priest Andrew White recounts murder of youths who refused to convert to Islam

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