Islamic State Is Reportedly Executing Its Own Foreign Volunteers Who Just Want to Go Home

What these Western born (a dog born in a stable is not a Horse) Jihadi’s haven’t been taught the true nature of Islam. If you’ve run out of enemies, find one. So they start killing each other. They won’t have been taught this in their Mosques in London or in their Islamic Schools.
Once you join them (ISIS or whatever), you belong to them. There is NO GOING HOME, this is your home.

~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~

Islamic State extremists in Syria have executed some 100 foreign volunteers who tried to leave the city of Raqqa, the hardline group’s de facto capital, Britain’s Financial Times reported Saturday.

TerroristsLONDON (AFP) – 

The Islamic State extremist group has executed 100 of its own foreign fighters who tried to flee their headquarters in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the Financial Times newspaper said Saturday.

An activist opposed to both IS and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is well-known to the British business broadsheet, said he had “verified 100 executions” of foreign IS fighters trying to leave the jihadist group’s de facto capital.

IS fighters in Raqqa said the group has created a military police to clamp down on foreign fighters who do not report for duty. Dozens of homes have been raided and many jihadists have been arrested, the FT reported.

Some jihadists have become disillusioned with the…

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Israel News – Israeli intervention in Syria looking more likely

This is Biblical prophecy in the making. If you don’t believe me, read Isaiah 17. Damascus becomes rubble.


Israeli intervention in Syria looking more likelyThis is following an alliance between the rebel Yarmouk Martyrs Brigades and IS.Dec 21, 2014, 12:11PM | Rachel Avraham

via Israel News – Israeli intervention in Syria looking more likely – JerusalemOnline.

Photo Credit: Channel 2

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon spoke with outgoing US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to discuss increased Israeli involvement in the war against IS.  According to a report in Haaretz, Israel has been assisting villages around the Golan in exchange for keeping extremist Islamist groups away from the border.   But with the recent defection of the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade from the FSA to the IS dominated Islamist axis, a fact which has been confirmed on Debka and by retired Major General Amos Gilad on Reshet Bet, Israel may have to become more actively involved in the Syrian civil war due to the ascendancy of Islamic State in…

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IS beheaded 4 Christian children, says ‘Vicar of Baghdad’

I believe that as the sword swung, in each case, God the Father stopped time for these little children, then took them to His Son Jesus Yesuah who comforted them as they played in His garden unaware that they had been hurt at all. Must have been confusing for these children, being threatened by Satan one second, then the next, in the arms of Jesus. And Satan cannot do a thing about it.
It is fearful for US looking on. But, Jesus said ‘be not afraid’. You see He is God and in charge of all perception, NOT Satan whose fate is already sealed.
If Jesus said, Trust in Me and I won’t allow you to find a burden you cannot handle. I BELIEVE HIM, NOT ISIS or whatever their wretched name is.

End Time Bible Prophecy

Canon Andrew White at St. George's Church, Baghdad, with children from his congregation (photo: YouTube screenshot)Canon Andrew White at St. George’s Church, Baghdad, with children from his congregation (photo: YouTube screenshot)

Speaking from Jerusalem, Anglican priest Andrew White recounts murder of youths who refused to convert to Islam

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