My personal updates for my dear friends and followers.


My main reason for this somewhat gruesome post is to show people who have this condition that surgery is the best and by far safest cure for this crippling disease:-

As you can see from the picture. This was a really unpleasant procedure to repair the damage to my spinal cord caused by the bony protuberances crushing my spinal column. The surgeons cut through the neck at the front, then through the vocal box, wind-pipe around the food-pipe then into the c3 to c7 vertebrate’s. They are sometimes called the Hangman’s vertebrate’s due to the fact that it is these that, when broken, cause death to a hanged Person. I have the dubious honour of having my neck broken like a hanged criminal, and live to write about it.
My Consultant, Mr Shad (LORD JESUS please bless him) didn’t think I’d be able to walk or talk. But due to his team of experts and the LORD Jesus Christ, I can.

Now, at the time of this post (06/26/2014), I still have a great deal of pain in my right leg, arm and on both sides of my neck. I know that the spine had been surgically broken, so pain and patience are my lot for the moment. Muscle weakness leads to constant straining of arm and leg muscles. The numbness I had, (which was al pervasive) has largely gone, thank God. But there is still numbness at the tips of my fingers and my crouch.

I can walk about 10 steps without having to stop. Climbing stairs is a real nightmare. I’m in constant fear of falling, in the knowledge I cannot break my fall. I live on the first floor of a maisonette so have to negotiate a flight of concrete steps. As yet, I cannot afford to move to a ground floor dwelling or a stair-lift. Social services won’t help me because I’m a White, middle class, Heterosexual Man. (How dare I be these things). I’ll keep you informed as to any new developments to this. Also, I am applying for disability allowance from the Department of Works and Pensions. They will require me to visit one of their approved doctors. It seems that they don’t trust either my GP or Consultant to tell the truth. My, my, what a world we live in.

Please use the comment section to ask me anything (within reason) about my condition or this condition in general. I felt very alone during this time. Only the LORD has been my support (though he is sufficient) it would have been nice to have spoken to other people who having had this surgery, come safely out the other side. I would love to be a help and support to anyone about to go through the Medical assessment and the surgery soon. I have a Consultant appointment on the 8th July 2014. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thank you all for praying for me. These things are sent to us as a test.
God Bless You.  🙂

9 thoughts on “My personal updates for my dear friends and followers.”

  1. I’m going in on the 2nd for the results on my MRI for my neck as well Johnny….There is quite a bit of damage there, but this will tell Dr Highsmith just how much and how badly, so your post is inspiring to me, as well as soothing….Thank you and do get well soon…


      1. Thank you Brother Johnny…Know I can always count on your prayer support!
        Thank you….And I mean for everything you are man!
        Oh, and tell the beautiful misses I said thank you for the updates as well, she is worth her salt, as we Southerns like to say.


        1. Jeffrey, you WILL get better. Slowly at first, but the op will stop any damage to your nerves. I started losing the numbness within 48hrs of the operation. The pain took a long time, and the muscle function even longer. But you will feel better every day. I am praying for you, but I’m quietly confident you’ll make a recovery. My consultant told me that twenty years ago I would have been wheelchair bound. But now my walking is getting better with each day, and I can now tackle the stairs. My right hand was (pre-op) paralysed, but now I’m typing nearly as well as before.
          So I pray, LORD Jesus Yesuah, heal my friend and Brother Jeffrey, take his pain away, numbness and any fear. He like me is Your servant who loves you. Guide the hands of the surgeons and medical staff so that he makes a full recovery to show YOUR Glory, LORD. AMEN.
          By The Way. Before the operation, they may do a nerve and muscle test. This is performed by a specialist Doctor and is necessary to pinpoint the exact position of the problem in your spine and nerves. I found the MRI’s far more horrible than this test so don’t be worried.


  2. My dear sweet friend, forgive me for not being here for you…My world imploded with the lost of my sweet Jericho and are now just getting back on my feet, and too, have been very busy and buried in my work on the boat…

    Non are excuses my friend for my absence mind you, but obstacles that I have been feverishly trying to clear from before me…

    You have been in my constant prayers and prayer books, as well as the many friends to whom I have called upon for your well being, healing and spiritual strength through their prayers…
    You would be proud of them, truly all are our fathers Prayer Warriors!

    Are truly joyful for your outcome, as we are all blessed to have you within our presence Brother…

    Rest, be patient and be assured that many of us are praying for you daily!
    God’s Speed & Care, His healing Embraces and presence bless and enrich your life always Johnny!

    Your Loving Brother in Christ Yeshua’s name


    1. I’m very sad for you and hope your world will right for you. I’ve missed your posts and hope that we and our God, Jesus, can talk together again. God bless you my friend and Brother in Yesuah. Amen


      1. It has Brother Johnny, just knowing your OK, has insured it so :9)
        And we will talk more as I get situated and gain some momentum.


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