Supajohnny is taking a ‘sickie’.


I started getting neck pain (yes I know I’m a pain in the neck) about 6 months ago in October 2013. The Doctor sent me for an MRI scan in December after the pain became much worse and I was getting numbness in my right hand and leg. The MRI detected a Stenosis in my T3 & T4 vertebrate’s. This means there is a narrowing of the spinal cavity causing the main Nerve from the brain to be pinched and bruised.
By Christmas 2013, I found it very difficult to walk and was in constant pain in my neck, arm and leg.
In January 2014, I saw my Consultant Neurosurgeon for the first time; Mr Siddiq.He told me that I needed an operation, this would take more than 4 hours and there was a 20% chance of mortality (MY DEATH).
As January 2014 passed by, I was in more and more pain and had to start taking very powerful opiates to simply function.
In February 2014, I had my second MRI scan. I must warn those of you, who like me, are claustrophobic, that the MRI machine is terrifying. It is noisy, very big and small spaced for the patient. The operator told me it would take about 10 mins. When I finally got out, after screaming “Get me out of this fucking machine” and I don’t normally swear; My wife told me I had been in the machine for 40 mins. I said to her that I wanted to get out of this Fu****g place. The operator thought I was swearing at him, he frowned, until I told him it was the Scanner that I was swearing at.
Next, about 4 days later, was the Nerve and Muscle test. TORTURE. Without sedation or anaesthetic, they first put electrodes on various parts of the right arm and zapped it with a big electric shock. I nearly jumped  off the table, but the Doctor just kept zapping me. Then came the Muscle test. This ‘medieval’ device consisted of a long, fine needle attached to a computer. The needle is pushed right into the muscles in the right arm and hand whilst the Doctor asks you to move the arm or finger. (Bastard!). They can supposedly make a diagnosis from these devices of pain. I can’t think what?
Lastly, before the operation, I am due to have an anaesthetic test with Mr Shad. This’ll take place on Sunday 30th March 2014 at 9:20am. I’m not sure what will happen. I’ll tell you after. Maybe they will give me a selection to sniff and see which one knocks me out the best…I don’t know. You’ll have to wait for my next instalment to find out. In the mean time, I’m going to take my Tramadol and kiss the pain goodbye for a couple of hours.

As of 27th March 204 the pain is almost unbearable. When my Wife, Christine, attempts to illicit an erection, ‘percy’ rises to the occasion; but the up – down motion causes the spinal nerve to rub and bang against the offending nodules, nodes or other obstruction causing my sodding pain and paralysis.
This has got to stop until I’m free of pain or DEAD,…




9 thoughts on “Supajohnny is taking a ‘sickie’.”

    1. You are all so very kind. It seems that Americans (who are vilified by so-called ‘British liberals’) are the kindest, most noble people on Gods Good Earth. God Bless America and God help Britain…


    2. Thanks to all your prayers, patience and support. I’m slowly getting better. Nerves are slow to heal. I’m starting to walk betterand my right hand is no longer numb. Muscle atrophy and general weakness is my current battle.
      Thank you and God bless you Jericho777 and my friend Brittius too.


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