Girl falls asleep 30 times a day since taking the flu vaccine: Teenager to receive pioneering drug in battle against narcolepsy

Do YOU know anyone adversely affected by flu vaccines? Comment here please.


11 thoughts on “Girl falls asleep 30 times a day since taking the flu vaccine: Teenager to receive pioneering drug in battle against narcolepsy”

  1. Have not received flu inoculation this year, but did last year and resulted in a bizarre reaction. Immediately I returned to the pharmacy where I received the shot and they were concerned. I told them what happened, and I also told their corporate headquarters. It was not what one would expect.
    Since the flood of Super Storm Sandy, later on, my bones ached. Going up and down a flight of stairs, I felt my age. I rather large lump on my knuckles and fingers were achy and stiff. Felt that I was batting 1,000 (perfect) so with all of the misery, I would probably be getting sick with influenza sometime soon. I went for the flu shot. Felt absolutely nothing. I was instructed that in a day or two, I might get a reaction, and if so, contact them.
    The next day, I woke up with zero aches. Went up and down the flight of stairs like a twenty year old. The lump on my hand was gone. Whatever was in that shot, it lasted until only recently. People have been saying online that an insect base is used but, insects are edible, and some have anti-inflammatory properties. Found out that I was the only person reporting anything positive. Nothing wrong and I wonder if maybe the drug companies put in an anti-inflammatory ingredient?


    1. Wow, I’m truly grateful for this positive response. Also I’m glad you were helped by the flu shot in unexpected ways. I’d rather not ever have the flu, and people forget just how dangerous the flu can be.


      1. I did not wish to include something, however it might be best. I felt so good after that shot, that I even started chasing Old Granny (my wife) around the bedroom. No joke.


          1. Whatever comprised last year’s inoculation, it was excellent.
            You might wish to swim the English Channel with an anvil on your chest. You will feel young. That is true.


              1. Haven’t a clue. Each year, from what I understand, there is a slight modification to meet the mutating influenza strain. I doubt it had anything to do with the strain, and everything to do with something to reduce swelling at joints. It could also be very possible, that it is associated with, insects. When I scrape Pure Beeswax and place it under my tongue, my nose opens. Pollen, or a byproduct of bee digestion? Understand? You, just reminded me that I did not go for the shot this year, and that, is how long the shot lasted as far as feeling very good. Could it be that, maybe my system is different? I have had some odd reactions to things that were supposed to hurt or be bad, and were nothing of the sort. Maybe people are “too soft”, today? I was born and raised in a cold-water flat, which today, is unthinkable, and considered abuse. I hardly ever got sick.


                  1. Haven’t a clue.
                    Broke my shoulder in 2007, drove 30 miles to the hospital which everyone said “Impossible”. Then I was told that a shot to relieve pain will burn badly. Okay, do it. I waited, and asked when the burning would start. The RN and MD said that I was the very first person not to experience any burning feeling. They also said that I was a very bad patient because they were trying to talk me into pain, and I told them where to go, and what to do. I do have, a very high threshold to pain but, I’m no different than anybody else. What would Your Father, or Grandfather have done? They would do the same exact thing, and stand up, to the pain, as discomfort. I believe that people of today, are too soft. The strange reactions in a positive way, I am at a complete loss.


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