Iraqi Refugee Pimped Out Four Schoolgirls He Gave Drink And Drugs

It was only a matter of time before it crossed to America.

Kafir Crusaders

A Muslim immigrant gaining the trust of vulnerable girls, those from dysfunctional families and runaways. Plying the young girls with drink and drugs till they became addicted and would do anything for a fix. Using the underage girls for his sexual gratification. Prostituting the schoolgirls out for money to a network of filthy paedophiles.

Yes, it does sound very familiar doesn’t it. It could be describing one of many instances of Muslim grooming that have featured on these pages in the past. Only this one isn’t from Rochdale, Bradford, Burnley or any other of the numerous towns up and down the UK where Muslim grooming has taken place. This is thousand’s of miles away, across the Atlantic Ocean in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  The Muslim grooming epidemic has hit America

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Sex-trafficking case involves Iraqi refugee

Man accused of prostituting teen girls

A refugee from Iraq living in Sioux Falls kept four…

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