White-Hating Racist, “KILL WHITE FARMERS”, #NelsonMandela Is Finally Dead. Adios, Scum!

The White hating tyrant is dead.

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White-Hating, Racist, “KILL WHITE FARMERS”, #NelsonMandela Finally Dead. Adios, Scum!

I thought the old bastard was already gone.  Well, finally, he kicked the bucket.  Adios to another white-hating piece of shit!

KILL WHITE FARMERS is what “Peace loving”, ‘anti-racist’ Mandela is singing in this left-wing revolutionary video:

Meanwhile, in South Africa, Mandela’s buddies:

Nelson Mandela’s lovely (PUKE) wife, Winnie:

Her reputation was damaged by such rhetoric as that displayed in a speech she gave in Munsieville on 13 April 1986, where she endorsed the practice of necklacing (burning people alive using tyres and petrol). She said, “with our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.

Goodbye you EVIL, Communist pig!

Ronald Reagan had put Mandela on a terrorist watch list: See here





Guess who is waitin fer ya:

I thought the f’cker was gone! Racist, Nelson Mandela “Kill White People” Is … 

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