Liberalism: Sweden allows convicted child rapist to adopt a child

Sweeden hasbecome a paedophiles paradise nd thereforeneeds to be avoided like the Black Death. This once Great Nation is being destroyed by ‘Liberalism’.

pundit from another planet


Sweden has a reputation for being very “liberal”. But whose liberty are they protecting in allowing a child rapist to adopt? Political correctness goes madder than usual.

Sweden’s excellent English language newspaper, The Local, is reporting today a story that many will find shocking. It transpires that a country well known for its left-Liberal attitudes is now allowing convicted rapists of young children to adopt.

According to the paper:

“A Swedish man convicted for molesting a five-year-old girl in his neighbourhood has been given the green light to adopt a child of his own, as Swedish authorities said they did not fear he would relapse into criminal behaviour.”

It goes on to report:

“The man, who is in his 60s, has been found guilty of more than 90 crimes, mostly different types of fraud. The regional Helsingborgs Dagblad (HD) newspaper reported on Friday that the man was also convicted…

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