5 Sons Of Obama Beat & Robbed Unarmed White Male @ ODU, The “Diverse” Campus. Diversity My ASS

Sons of Obama. I’d shoot the bloody lot of ’em. Show them true racism.

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5 Sons Of Obama Beat & Robbed An Unarmed White Male On A “Diverse” Campus. Diversity My ASS

They robbed and beat this young, white male because he is white. I’m sick of this!!

“Diversity” is not for minority blacks, Hispanics, lefty-Jews, Asians, etc.  Diversity is only for white people because whites are intolerant, hateful, racist, xeno, homophobe, Islamo-phobes and so many minorities are innocent, loving, & give so much to American society by receiving EBT, welfare, housing, clothes.

This crime is a race crime, not because “I” say it is, but because the diversity folks at OD Univ say so.  BUT-These are the facts:  When a ‘white’ Hispanic like G. Zimmerman attacks a young thug (Trayvon), it is reported on the news, non-stop.  When Obama’s nasty sons attack a white person, nobody cares.  That is how ‘liberal’, white-hating, racist America treats white people.


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