Alec Baldwin ‘suspended from MSNBC’ following homophobic language, fights with reporters, aggressive behavior

What is wrong with ‘anti-gay’? Gays seem to be anti-everything, except gays. Can’t they handle criticism? Tuff.

Peace and Freedom

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  • Alec Baldwin came under fire from gay rights  groups after calling a photographer a ‘c***sucking f**’ for getting too close to  his family
  • He denied saying ‘f**’ and claimed he said  ‘fat head’
  • Baldwin claimed he didn’t know that  ‘c***sucker’ is a homophobic epithet
  • Just hours before he was due to be on the  air with his new cable show, he announced that it is being pulled from the MSNBC  schedule for two weeks
  • Actor has now ranted at two Fox reporters,  claiming the female reporter tried to hit his wife with a microphone and vowing  to press charges

By  Daily Mail Reporters

Alec Baldwin has put out a statement  apologizing for his aggressive behavior and saying that his newly-launched cable  news show will be pulled from the air for the next two weeks.

‘What I said and did this week, as I was  trying to protect my family, was…

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