Dangers Of UK based Terrorists As More Muslims Arrested For Terror Offences

Whoever let these savages into Britain needs to be tried as TRAITORS.

Kafir Crusaders

The biggest terror threat on British soil is not from Islamic terrorists abroad but those already here in the UK. Those who are already living amongst us, plotting death and destruction from within.


On Thursday 31 October, Counter Terrorism officers arrested four people on suspicion of failing to disclose information which might be of assistance in securing the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of a person involved in an act of terrorism contrary to Section 38(b) Terrorism Act 2000. Two men – 31yrs [E] and 21yrs [F] – and a 25 [G] year old woman were arrested at two residential addresses in east London. They have been taken to a London police station where they remain in custody. A 25-year-old man [H] has been arrested at a residential address in Lancashire. He has been taken to a Lancashire police station where he remains in custody. A search has been carried out…

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