Senior Democratic Consultant: ‘Dem Party Is F*cked’ Over ObamaCare

I thought I’d introduce my readers to this Blogger; ‘Bobusnr’.
Anyone who :-
1) Does not like Liberal Ideology.
2) Conservatives have the voice of reason. (Not Tories you Brits, American Conservatives are much more trustworthy, have less obfuscation and abhor appeasement.) I consider American conservatives to be of the Winston Churchill ilk. No Surrender.
4) I welcome input from all walks of life… My Dog ‘Teddybear’ might like to comment occasionally. My psychiatrist says that I’m perfectly harmless when I take my medication…So don’t worry…LOL.


Welcome and thank you for stopping by. Please be aware and advised, this is a CONSERVATIVE BLOG.


Here is some information and my rules:

 1) I do not like Liberal Ideology;


 2) Conservatives have the voice of reason on my blog;


 3) I will delete any comments that are abusive, non-related to the “blog theme” and not debated in a civil manner;


 4) I welcome input from all walks of life.


However, this is my blog and I will make the “ultimate” decision on any/all comments.

I encourage “civil” discussion. We may not agree on “ideology”.


However, we can agree on “respect” and at least listening to different perspectives.


Thank you for visiting!


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These days, we sometimes read headlines that are almost too good.

Although the headline above seems like…

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