Muslims killing Muslims: Syrian Shia child who watched parents killed has her heart cut out

Oh fucking Hell. Obama supporters and all you Liberal Muslim appeasers are responsible for the atrocity on this little girl. I hope hell is hot enough for you.
Lefty liberals, I’m at war with you. You have declared war on Society and God. I side with God. Make every Liberal ‘nosoul’, read this and excuse their miserable existence…Not to me, but to Jesus Christ, the Living God… IF YOU CAN?

The Muslim Issue

Evil fat Arab slobs. Our oil trade with these scum fund terrorist groups around the world, and fund the slaughter and persecution of minorities and non-Muslims. They will target anyone who is not ‘Sunni enough’. Even Muslim minorities. Demand a permanent ban of all trade with the Muslim world here and now. Isolate these sickos from the rest of the world and drive them to their deserts where they can figure out how to survive on their own, without the world dealing with them, selling to them, buying from them.


Their children today, your children tomorrow.

The fully male controlled Islamic societies are never far from savagery, making their warlord prophet proud. What happened to the small Shia girl in Syria who was tied up to the window grills forced to watch her parents being brutally murdered? We reported on her sad predicament a few weeks ago.

According to…

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