Pentagon Warns of “Radical Changes” Coming to the U.S. In the Next Fortnight

WTF is Obama playing at?


5 thoughts on “Pentagon Warns of “Radical Changes” Coming to the U.S. In the Next Fortnight”

      1. Definitely! I have also been watching other English speaking nations as I am picking up vibes of an orchestration going on. I don’t recall the article, but just this morning, 4:30am/9:30am GMT, John Cameron was doing something that caught my attention as being similar to Obama’s nonsense. Canada is now in the mix with Brazil’s spying and industrial espionage. Australia has been doing same sort of activities on their side of the world. Problem is, whom is it, that is bringing about change, as a mandate? Why are not peaceful Muslims, but persons that the government knows full well are jihadi extremists, into our nations, and then negligently turn their heads the other way when some type of crime is committed and they are untouchable? Too much to say just now and I could end up writing volumes on the subject.
        I say, there might well be an open move by Obama to declare himself Dictator as Chancellor Hitler did, rather than being openly named by the Egyptian government as a terrorist.


        1. I totally agree. Here is a prediction from the Dawg. There’ll be another False Flag atrocity, (Dead Americans), then Obummer will announce ‘marshal law’, suspend or KILL THE CONSTITUTION, then it’ll be ‘open season’ on all his Patriotic and Christian American opponents.


          1. I believe something like the banks grabbing accounts of the people will happen, and it may happen in the UK, first.
            Too many here are waiting for something to start a shooting war, and I hope not. It appears to be edging in that direction from the numerous provocations by Obama.
            I say, all English speaking peoples should united and toss the politicians out of office. We do not need governments that causes more harm than good.
            Time will tell.


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