Like I just said to my friend, Brittius:-
He’s in. He suckered the American People. He doesn’t give a shit about his approval rating. His is in this for the long term; making a mark on History. Good or Bad… Like most Narcissists, as long as he sees that he’s making some sort of impact, anything is good. Only answer. Get rid of him by ANY MEANS.
Sorry for the rant, but I hate what Obama is doing to my Good American friends…Like you.

Obama’s Impeachment And Trial For War Crimes | by Kris Zane|

Barak - Save Me from Your Followers

The Dog Says:-
To The POTUS Barak Hussein Obama,

We, Teddybear and Supajohnny, hereby charge you with heinous WAR CRIMES. How do you plead?
Insanity is no defence, you know exactly what you are doing.
The People of America should also charge you with, TREASON, MURDER, INCITEMENT TO RACIAL HATRED and FRAUD and attempted GENOCIDE of Black and Poor people by systematic Abortions. How plead you, criminal?

Muslim immigrants get community service for gang rape of 12-year old in Norway

Viking helmet from Gjermundbufunnet, now at Ku...

The Dog Says:-

What the hell is happening to the once great Nation Norway? The place of the Viking heroes has now become a Muslim shit hole.

Evil prevails when Good Men and Women do NOTHING.