Iran Proposes Lobbing Only Four Nukes At Israel

Just four Nukes? OK as long as we can shoot your nukes down over Tehran, then throw another 50 at Iran as a whole.

Mightier Than The Pen

Iran nukesGeneva (AP) – The Iranian delegation to international talks over the country’s controversial atomic program has said that Tehran could in principle accept a reduction in its uranium enrichment capabilities as long as it could guarantee enough nuclear fuel to launch no more than four weapons at Israel.

Talks over the program have been going better than many experts expected, with Iran apparently showing more flexibility in its attitude toward international inspectors, slowed enrichment, and adherence to limits imposed by the International Agency for Atomic Energy. In an effort to loosen or remove economic sanctions that have been hurting the regime, Iran’s representative to the talks said they might be able to accept a limited arsenal that could only destroy Israel, but not threaten any other nations.

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