The Mythistory of the Crusades

As a child, I was a member of a Christian group called the Crusaders. As well as Bible study, we learned about the history of the Crusades as was common knowledge of the 1960’s.
In the 1980’s, I found out that this group had been disbanded by the Church of England, its patron, due to it not being Politically Correct. The rest is history.
This article from Sharia Unveiled shows the truth of the Crusades and how myth has overtaken history, thanks to the left and Islam.
Supajohnny 2013.

sharia unveiled

Crusades 1


by,  Ibn Warraq | New English Review

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

A new generation of Western scholars of the Middle Ages have been trying to put right the misconceptions that have grown up about the Cru­sades. As Jonathan Riley-Smith has argued “modern Western public opin­ion, Arab nationalism, and Pan-Islamism all share perceptions of crusad­ing that have more to do with nineteenth-century European imperialism than with actuality.”1 Muslims in particular have developed “mythisto­ries” concerning the putative injuries they have received at the hands of the Crusaders. The first point that needs to be emphasized is that the Cru­sades were proclaimed not only against Muslims, but also against many groups, and communities that the Catholic Church considered heretical, and enemies of the faith, groups such as the pagan Wends, Balts and Lithuanians, shamanist Mongols, Orthodox Russians and Greeks, Cathar and Hussite heretics.2

Second, the Crusaders were not  extremists or barbarians indulging…

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