Amnesty International: Egypt Is Failing To Stop Revenge Attacks On Coptic Christians

We must support our Christian Brothers and Sisters in Egypt and Syria. No more sending money to North African Muslims.

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ENCA – “Egyptian security forces failed to stop revenge attacks against Coptic Christians after a deadly crackdown on supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in August, Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

The London-based rights group said attacks targeted Christian churches, schools and charity buildings after the August 14 dispersal by security forces of two pro-Morsi camps in Cairo that killed hundreds of people.

In a report, Amnesty said more than 200 Christian-owned properties were attacked and 43 churches seriously damaged, adding that at least four people were killed.

‘It is deeply disturbing that the Christian community across Egypt was singled out for revenge attacks over the events in Cairo by some supporters of the deposed president, Mohamed Morsi,’ said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

‘In light of previous attacks, particularly since Morsi’s ousting on 3 July, a backlash against Coptic Christians…

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2 thoughts on “Amnesty International: Egypt Is Failing To Stop Revenge Attacks On Coptic Christians”

  1. Hang in there. From what I have been told by the Egyptian news media, is that the government is seriously trying to rid radical Islam from Egypt. There are issues because the US pulled aid from Egypt, and the mess has been caused by the Muslim Brotherhood. This will result in a public trial, and Barrack Obama will be named as a Terrorist and Made Member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Where it all goes from there is unknown. It might possibly be headed for the International Court at the Hague.
    I have been watching events in Egypt fairly close, and the reason is, the radical Islam element is trying to spread rapidly throughout Africa in an effort to conceal itself. The farther they run, the weaker they get. Elementary Infantry Tactics, break a large enemy group in half, then again into quarters, then eighths. At that point, kill it. By spreading out, the actual strength is weakened, despite them trying to break-off and each assembling a terrorist unit. At the moment, Egypt, is the key. Egypt must go democracy and not theocracy.


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