Belgrade: Serbian Capital Bans Gay Pride March

The Dog Sys:-
Well done to Belgrade. I’m so sick of these pinko’s whinging all the time.

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Serbian Capital Bans Gay Pride March.

Authorities in Belgrade have banned a gay pride march in the Serb capital for a third year in a row due to threats of violence by rightwing groups.

Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said top security and state officials decided to ban the September 28 event because they feared a repeat of violence in 2010, when more than 100 people were injured as extremists attacked a gay pride march in Belgrade, triggering clashes with police.

He denied giving in to hooligans.

But as night fell, around 200 gay activists waving rainbow flags and banners that read “This is Pride” gathered outside Dacic’s government office before walking to parliament flanked by riot police.

“We want to show that we will walk on streets of Belgrade, yes, we will not disappear, yes, we will have Pride tonight, we will have Pride every day, all 365 days…

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Graphic: Anatomy of a Stoning in Iran

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The Dog Says:-

If Muslims were as fastidious about Science, the Arts and Peace as they are about the Stoning of Women, we’d live in a very much safer world.

Do you know what “cracker” means?

The Dog Says:-

So it’s OK to call my Daddy (Supajohnny), “Cracker”, because he’s white (well a little pink with brownie twinges round the forelocks). In my view, if it’s OK to call my dad a “Cracker”, it’s OK to call Black peopleNiggers“. How does this help anyone, Mr Holder. How does this make the world a better place for ALL people, you ASSHOLE?

Anyway, supajohnny’s family were like the rest of the white working class population of Europe and North America. They were victims of the ruling classes too. And NEVER owned slaves.
A point of history here. It was the Arabs, not the Europeans, who initiated and ruthlessly exploited slavery for 1400 years…and still do under the Muslim banner. Look at Libya, they still have black slaves. So, go fu*k yourself Mr Holder. Stop trying to start a race war.