British ‘White Widow’ killed in final assault on Kenyan shopping mall? Officials say body of white woman terrorist found at scene

The Dog Says:-

This is not very Christian, but I hope the mad Islamic convert, Samantha Lewthwaite has indeed died in Kenya. Hopefully not too quickly either.

18 thoughts on “British ‘White Widow’ killed in final assault on Kenyan shopping mall? Officials say body of white woman terrorist found at scene”

  1. Aylesbury! That is a beautiful town. Sorry to hear the likes of those two hailed from that place. Yes, the 7/7 stuff, I have heard.
    BBC Online, is reporting 63 people missing, however, the building is contained, and there is no exact number of terrorists reported. Probably will hide in the ceiling tile suspension areas and inside of air ducts. Pity the British 22nd SAS was not sent over to secure and search. I would truly like to hear of a capture of as many of the terrorists alive as interrogation intelligence could prove invaluable.


      1. No dealing with them. The Israelis will not be sympathetic with them, nor should they.
        I hope that some way, maybe one or two terrorists might not be willing to meet Allah just yet and will surrender. Intelligence value. On the other hand, if meeting Allah is their goal, the Israelis will arrange the meeting.


    1. Hi mate. We’re hearing that government soldiers have killed a number of the Al Shabaab (kebab I call them) Muzzies including one white convert Samantha Lewthwhaite from Aylesbury in England. Her husband Jermaine was one of the London 7/7 bombers who she claimed no foreknowledge of. We should have shot her then. She now leads insurgent killers in Kenya and Somalia. Hopefully she’s now DEAD.


      1. Yes, it appears so. That, truly is, Bad Luck.
        The American news media reports one US national was born here, and it is believed that five other US citizens but perhaps naturalized, in the attacker roles.
        Extremists are a rabid lot, regardless of anything else.


        1. Satanic insanity respects no borders my friend. This is no reflection of American or British folk who are basically God fearing, good people who just want Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…Like US.


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