Asian Attacker Wounded Couple With Blade As They Argued In Manchester City Centre

The Dog Says:-
Why call him Asian. I don’t see Chinese, Japanese or Indian Hindu’s dong this. No, he was MUSLIM.

10 thoughts on “Asian Attacker Wounded Couple With Blade As They Argued In Manchester City Centre”

    1. Thanks Brother, how are you mate. I’ve been on a very British holiday in Cornwall on the ‘foot’ part of England getting wet instead of a suntan. But, despite this it was full of Christians, Dog lovers and NO MUSLIMS. Sheer bliss.
      God bless you buddy.


    1. Brittius, I think it is quite sinister. They use ‘Asian’ instead of ‘Muslim’, so us ordinary folk wont count the cards, so to speak, and realize the sheer number of Muslim miscreants in our country.


          1. Yes, it is intentional, and the noses of Brits are being rubbed into that muck, whilst elected officials are laughing. Then, should there be reversal, as people will only absorb just so much insult to their national integrity, the politicians cry, and are surprised when ballots tallied are not conducive to their political future.


            1. What gets me, Brittius, is that the politicians really do think we’re stupid. Maybe we are for voting for them. Whereas most citizens are basically honest people, the politicians who represent us are certainly NOT. It is a psychological fact that most politicians are clinically Narcissistic with abnormally high levels of deception compared to the general population. We assume they’re honest, they assume we’re NOT.


              1. I agree. Their attitude of themselves being above it all, and believing they are smarter than all. Problem is, in a civilized society, we tend to frown upon doing things contrary to the established laws, whereby the politicians are forever scheming to their own personal profit. History, teaches that there is only so much a people will tolerate, and that time, ultimately determines when uprisings occur. The French Revolution is a classic example. Today, it appears that the new Australian Prime Minister is addressing matters of immigration influx as a means to his nation to survive, financially. I applaud him.


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