Islam and the Sham of Multiculturalism

The Lefts baby (Islam) is drowning in the Blood and Gore of the Innocent.

Latter Times News


The Coming Caliphate: The Islamic Beast Rising
(Psa 83; Ezek 38-39; Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19)

To begin with, Islam means submission and its spread is ordered by violence. The root cause of all violence and terrorism in Islam is the Qur’an which teaches: “Fighting is obligatory for you, though you dislike it.” [Sura 2:126]. The word in Arabic for fighting means “to kill.” And it says also “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the disbelievers. Cut off their heads, and cut off their limbs.” [Sura 8:12]

Mooslim Multiculturalism in Finland Demanding 4 Exclusive Paid Public
Holidays Just for Themselves!

Multiculturalism is a sham and Almighty God never tolerated it in the OT. Please read my blog entitled Multiculturalism and the Islamic Beast Rising:

While playing the victim card, Mooslims have perfected the art of whining as liberals…

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13 thoughts on “Islam and the Sham of Multiculturalism”

  1. It was the foolishness of politics where isolationists were outnumbering others, and the sting of World War One, where too many people at that time were of Germanic ancestry, and the fools that were fighting the War of 1812, and some still exist today.
    I caused a bit of an uproar about 18 years ago, when I visited a Highland Games festival here, I enjoyed it completely. There was a group of British military at a kiosk, and one fellow dressed in Red Coat attire of the American Revolutionary War. People were not very pleasant towards them. I walked over and the soldier braced at attention. In US Marine Corp fashion, I inspected the soldier. I questioned him as to the rate of fire, of his weapon, a flintlock. His head recoiled. He hadn’t given any thought ever to my question, and I repeated. He recoiled again. I then explained. He had to think a moment, then answered but I already knew the answer before I asked. He was correct in his answer. He smiled. I then brought then House down by saying, England, had, lawful authority, and the Colonists were outlaw rebels. They all were astounded! It was true. They had said of the Colonies being a rebellious offspring of the Empire. I then added, a child is rebellious. Often resenting the father. Then the father grows old. The rebellious child is now middle aged, and can appreciate the father. Also, should anyone attack the father is his senior years, the middle aged son, who is in his prime, will defend the father.
    Johnny, I thought they were going to send me off to Sandhurst on a scholarship!
    A friend of mine says that I am like Mycroft Holmes. Perhaps.


      1. It is my belief that Father, should be consulted regarding the matters that require tact. Too much experience to simply cast aside as feeble, and there is a duty, to look after the soundness of the old man’s house. If all of the English speaking world were to be at one large dinner table, the family remains bonded together as a single unit. One child may perhaps be smarter, another child very strong, etc. Each having unique qualities. For this reason, I always reply when asked a question of who is my favorite child or grandchild, that it is impossible to answer because I love them all, equally. Nations should understand the same however, they tend to be lead by individuals, and those individuals all have swollen egos rather than understanding what Character is, or what being Humble is all about. Ill mannered leadership.


        1. In the same way the Father, in this case Britain, should defend and protect the American people (NOT the POTUS) with his very life. We need to emulate how God the Father sent his beloved Son, Jesus (God incarnate) to die for us.
          G-d Bless America and Britain.


          1. Indeed, he most certainly was! My favorite person from history. I truly learned about the whole of World War Two, by reading his Memoirs of the Second World War.
            Churchill wrote, as he spoke. Therefore, not many Yanks understood. It was to the misfortune of the US that too many GIs were not behaved properly, and for this, I sincerely apologize.
            Mr. Churchill gave an accurate account of the Middle East, and when Iran is brought up, the Nazis were already there, so, the entire broadness of war was revealed and is most accurately applied to the situation involving the Syrian Dilemma today. It gave me the ability to accurately state what would be happening as it is, precisely!


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