An Islamic Antichrist? Joel Richardson Predicts A Muslim Satanic Figure

Well done to themuslimissue, one of my good and reliable sources. If you don’t realise that the anti-Christ will come from Islam now, you never will…Until it’s TOO LATE.

The Muslim Issue

Religion News Service  |  By Daniel Burke

Islamic Antichrist
Islam’s prophet Mohammed trying to whisper in the ear of Jesus? Maybe according to Joel Richardson. Actually, Islam’s anti-Christ al-Dajjal has an uncanny resemblance to Islam and prophet Mohammed. Strangely enough Jesus, who Muslims consider a false prophet, is the one predicted in islam will ‘return’ to destroy the anti-Christ [Islam]. Why would a Christian incarnation, made insignificant in Islam, return to lead Muslims and destroy the world’s evil, that basically describes the Islamic movement itself?Dajjal appear in the Middle East, riding on a white Donkey into Median, just like Mohammed flied on his Buraq.

(RNS) Every age needs an Antichrist.

Protestant Reformers picked the papacy as their embodiment of evil. American colonists chose King George III and some Cold War Christians suspected the Soviet Union was satanically led.

Now, amid threats of Islamic terrorism, a nuclear-armed Iran and…

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