Syrian Rebels To Christian Woman After Slitting Her Fiance’s Throat: “Jesus Didn’t Come To Save Him”

“The rebels are very open about the fact that they plan to commit full-blown genocide after they take full control of Syria…”
Which part of Genocide don’t you understand President Obummer?


by Michael Snyder, The Truth Wins:

In Syria, Christians, Jews and Muslims of all types have been living fairly peacefully with one another for centuries, but the Syrian “rebels” want to change all that.  The truth is that the “rebels” have no interest in “freedom” or “democracy” whatsoever.  Rather, they are hardcore Sunni jihadists that intend to set up a government that will force the entire nation to go under sharia law.  Christians and Jews will be forced to convert to Sunni Islam, flee for their lives, or be killed.  A large percentage of the “Syrian rebels” are actually foreigners, and Islamic leaders all over the Middle East are urging fighting men to go to Syria and “wage jihad” against the Assad regime.  In fact, Saudi Arabia has been so desperate to overthrow Assad that they have been actually releasing death row inmates from prison and paying them…

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