Massive defeat for Cameron’s UK support of Obama

Cameron: You lost. You are a Loser, Get lost.

News that matters

The British PM lost a vital parliamentary vote on Thursday night meant to pave the way for an attack on Syria.

In a humiliating and unexpected development, David Cameron and his coalition government failed to pass a motion that would have authorized military action against Syria in principle by 285 to 272 votes.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

This is surely a spectacular defeat for the Obamaite’s, in particular for the “blood dog” Tony Blair and his like-minded friends.

Blair and his “one world region” movement called “Faith Foundation”  has promoted a military strike in Syria for quite some time, to bring in proper Western support for his Muslim brothers.

I feel very sad for a man like David Cameron. He should have known better, being able to detect the new “axis of evil”. the wicked rainbow alliance between Islamic Jihad and secular leftist political forces in Europe.


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4 thoughts on “Massive defeat for Cameron’s UK support of Obama”

      1. You’re welcome, Johnny.
        It appears that the British Parliament effectively put Cameron in his proper place, this round. Now let’s see how the US Congress has a “woodshed moment” with Obama, as he too, needs to be taken down a notch or two.
        Finally, all of the People, regardless of Nation, are sticking together on this.., with exception of those seeking to profiteer off of the misery of others.


        1. …and people with nefarious investments in Saudi Oil. They must know that peak oil has come and gone; that oil is getting harder to extract by the day? Eventually, the only thing Saudi’s will be able to produce are sand and terrorists.


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