Will The Coming Attack On Syria Spark A Global War?

Christians must now acknowledge the signs…

Lyn Leahz


Will the phrase “Guns of August” one day refer not only to the prelude to World War I in 1914 but also to the prelude to a Middle East war in 2013?

syria-middle-east-global-world-war-3-IIIThat is the ominous question posed by Roger Boyes, the diplomatic editor of the Times of London and a foreign correspondent for the past 35 years.

“The direction of events in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Iran should keep us awake at night. History is taking a dangerous turn,” he writes. “The region certainly cannot sustain two wars — Syria’s bloody insurgency and a near-civil war in Egypt — without wrecking established peace treaties and the normal mechanisms for defusing conflict.”

I sat down with Boyes in our London newsroom. He acknowledged that the conflicts coursing through a half-dozen Middle Eastern countries did not come from a single source, nor did they stem from a single reason.


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Urgent Mid-East Prophecy Update – Thursday, August 29th, 2013 – Impending War?!

Keep your Bibles open at Isaiah 17 with a bookmark in Psalm 83. And look as the news predicted 3000 years ago unfolds before your very eyes.
Maranatha, Come LORD Jesus;
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Your Dog Wouldn’t Like It.

Lyn Leahz



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Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack

The Dog Says:-

So, do we need any more proof of Obama‘s misleading war mongering. What’s his agenda? It is not the best interests of Americans, that’s for sure.
Is Obama so arrogant that he’ll go it alone without the permission of Congress? Can he be stopped before it’s too late. Time will tell. BUT, there is really NO TIME LEFT.

Sunni Plotted Shiite Removal Fails As More Countries Back Out Of Syria Attack

The Dog Says:-

This is a great analysis of the situation. The Sunni‘s trying to ethnically cleanse the Shite’s from Syria. I never considered that.

Massive defeat for Cameron’s UK support of Obama

Cameron: You lost. You are a Loser, Get lost.

News that matters

The British PM lost a vital parliamentary vote on Thursday night meant to pave the way for an attack on Syria.

In a humiliating and unexpected development, David Cameron and his coalition government failed to pass a motion that would have authorized military action against Syria in principle by 285 to 272 votes.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

This is surely a spectacular defeat for the Obamaite’s, in particular for the “blood dog” Tony Blair and his like-minded friends.

Blair and his “one world region” movement called “Faith Foundation”  has promoted a military strike in Syria for quite some time, to bring in proper Western support for his Muslim brothers.

I feel very sad for a man like David Cameron. He should have known better, being able to detect the new “axis of evil”. the wicked rainbow alliance between Islamic Jihad and secular leftist political forces in Europe.


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