BBC Afraid of the TRUTH from Nick Griffin

BBC Afraid of the TRUTH from Nick Griffin    <click here for interview.

This is an interview of Nick Griffin in Syria this week (29/08/2013) by the BBC. They are shown up for their left-wing ignorance and bias. Cameron is shown to be a War Criminal in the ilk of Tony Blair.

The Rebels in Syria are Al-Qaeda and vile Islamists who are hell-bent on bringing the secular government of Assad down by ANY means including Gassing their own people, women and children with Sarin Gas (A weapon of Mass Destruction) then trying to blame it on Assad. How low and sickening can these Islamist rebels get. And how pathetic are the BBC for fawning to them.

The Islamist Rebels are murdering and Raping people (men and women and children not to mention donkeys) on a daily basis. Obama and Cameron are supporting them with the connivance of the BBC.

10 thoughts on “BBC Afraid of the TRUTH from Nick Griffin”

  1. This is a great and factual read. All has been backed up by historical records and the Liberals and Palestinians sympathizers have attack it with all they have, which is nothing but hate!
    It’s truth stings their eyes, and it fills their hearts with rage and their heads with stupidity trying to defend them! They hate the truth, especially when it can be historically backed up!

    Please set aside and read later, you’ll be amazed at the misinformation being spread about these people!

    “Palestinian People” – A 20th Century Invention to Legitimize Terrorism…/…


  2. FSA Terrorists Threaten Alawites and Government Supporters with Genocide Using Chemical Weapons

    LiveLeak: WarningGraphic Content!

    Assad is no fool, he would be committing suicide had he used gas and he knows he would lose his strongest Allie Russia…

    If Syria falls to the FSA backed Wahhabi Salifist Brotherhood, then Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank will eventually fall.
    Hamas Pm/leader Ismail Haniyeh recently said that Abbas has no business setting down at the peace tables, that he doesn’t have the authority to do so with Kerry?
    This shows the total contempt towards the Palestinian people who by the way are hated by the Arabs, they are not considered Arab and are looked at as dogs…
    Ismail Haniyeh said he was going to take Jordan to expand Palestine and he’s backed by the Sunni Brotherhood, who are backing the FSA.
    As soon as Syria falls, they will turn against the FSA and start cleansing the Mideast of anyone not Sunni , especially not Wahhabi…All of these Salifist are Saudis, financed by the House of Saud and weaponized by Obama….
    Obama’s schooling was paid for by the Saudis, he bows to them and I believe this is to expand the Saudi empire and to also surround Israels borders…They will try to retake Egypt as well and I bet Obama sends in troops there as well>???!


    1. Anyone who doubt’s that Obama is a Saudi minion. Take a look at him bowing to the Saudi King. Can’t find the picture off hand. I’m sure everyone has seen it if they live on planet Earth. This of course rules out the BBC and CNN.


          1. Saudi Arabia is Obama’s link man! I believe he is helping them to expand, everything, and I mean everything he has done in the short and long of it, benefits Saudi Arabia….
            They have no other revenues but their oil and it’s becoming dried up quickly. Their tourism just isn’t going to pay for their extravagant life styles. They need oil and the Mideast is loaded with it, it just happens to belong to some body else and is why Obama is doing all he can to keep us dependent on it as well?!


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