Are you aware of the danger Britain ? Islam could be dominant UK religion in 10 years / UK News…

The Dog said to jericho777:-

I wish I could get this through to people in Britain, Jeffrey. But I can’t. They seem to be sleepwalking into oblivion. When I try to wake them up. All I get is, “you are just trying to make trouble, we know some ‘nice’ Muslims”.
I say “yes, like the ones who be-headed Lee Rigby et al.” They were considered ‘nice’ by their infidel friends until they…well you know, it’s history now.

One thought on “Are you aware of the danger Britain ? Islam could be dominant UK religion in 10 years / UK News…”

  1. An excerpt of a discussion Jeffrey and I had with a Muslim about this topic:-


    Iftikhar Ahmad – 21 August 2013

    We desperately need more hard working immigrants to work in our city banks , hospitals , hotels, transport ,fruit picking and many other jobs . After all,we are all immigrants ,our families ancestors coming from Africa ,Europe,and Asia.People like to live around their own kind, it’s safer, friendlier, trusting, understanding, there is a shared destiny. Ex pats stick together.”In 2004, when as a Labour government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them to take up work in this country.”
    Muslims prefer Muslims
    Hindu’s associate with Hindu’s
    Christians stick mostly to Christians.
    Stop looking for cohesion and integration which is fundamentally never going to happen – division is the normal state – separation is the best means for peace and mutual respect.
    At the same time their children must learn their own mother tongues, history and cultural heritage. Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental period. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. There are hundreds of state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies.
    A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit.

    Jeffrey Hardin – 23 August 2013

    Iftikhar Ahmad…The problem with your accessement is that almost all Muslims do not assimilate into their host country and there after try to make it into the very downtrodden state they ran from!!!!
    Muslims do not assimilate, they take over and curse their host!!!!
    That is a fact, that is a proven fact that one sees on a daily basis around the globe!!!
    Laughable assertion!

    john hurren (supajohnny) – 23 August 2013

    Iftikhar Ahmad, you are part of the mind-set that causes division and desolation within societies. This is very typically Muslim and supremacist in nature as is Islam. We don’t need you to assimilate, just obey our laws will do. Failing that, go back to where the laws suit your savage, medieval mind-set. Then let the rest of Humanity, Christians, Sikhs, Hindu’s, Jews, Atheists et al. Move on to better things. While you, of course, will remain the same nearly-humans as you currently are.


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