Muslims Hate Dogs…and US

Cover of "Dogs (Usborne Beginners Series)...    <click here for BNP report.

The Dog Says:-

Muslims seem to think that there are parts of the UK that belong to them. NO WAY will any part of Britain belongs to ANY Muslim. The police need to be careful whose side they appear to be on.
These men were simply collecting for Dogs charities. True Brits love animals (Not the Muslim variety though).

Supajohnny Says:-

Like Nick Griffin says, “Don’t get mad, get even”.

4 thoughts on “Muslims Hate Dogs…and US”

  1. It’s something that the dirty rat bastards consider the dogs as being the ones unclean?! Amazing!
    However though!
    All Dogs Go To Heaven
    Whilst all Muslims on the other hand, will go to Hell?!
    I guess in a short sighted way, that would make me angry to ifn I was a Satanic Pedophiliac worshiping Muslim, aye?!


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