“Dirty white slut, this is a Muslim area”

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Time to deport ALL Muslims back to the shitholes they came from. They can take their Liberal enablers with them too (as slaves).

#BLACKPRIVILEGE: Deluded Jackass, Oprah Winfrey Says Emmett Till & Trayvon Same Thing.

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Opra, what a new age joke she is. It was whitey that made her rich, then she pisses on him/her.

The Mad Jewess

How is this the same?  I thought that Oprah was an ‘enlightened’ individual? I was wrong.  She is full of bullshit just as Obama is.

NEWSFLASH:  George Zimmerman was guarding his neighborhood from hoods like Trayvon who are violent and potential robbers.  

Emmett Till flirted with a white woman in 1955 before we became a Commie, Marxist, race-mixing, Tower of Babel Volume 2.  Thats the facts, you pretentious moron, Oprah.  

Oprah Winfrey is bringing dishonest discourse into the national debate on racial relations and is totally unaware that many (NO, NOT ALL) of her brothas and sistas murder, rape and rob white people, DAILY and it never gets reported.  If the situations were reversed, we would never hear the end of it.  But, since it’s el whitey, nobody cares, not even white people care.

Oprah Winfrey said an interview that the death of Trayvon Martin was the “same…

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End Game update: Mounting evidence suggests Israeli strike on Iran approaching

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Go bite ’em Israel…woof, woof…

Lyn Leahz

Joel Rosenberg | August 6, 2013 at 8:21 pm

israel-lineoffighterjets(Denver, Colorado) — Evidence is mounting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is increasingly prepared to order a massive preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear sites.

Here’s why:

  1. Iran aggressively pursuing two routes to nuclear weaponry, one via uranium enrichment, the other via plutonium.
  2. Thus, Iran is steadily approaching the “red line,” the point at which Netanyahu has said Israel would have no choice but to strike.
  3. Officials in Jerusalem do not see the Obama administration taking decisive action to prevent Iran from getting The Bomb.
  4. To the contrary, Israel sees President Obama and Secretary John Kerry weakening their resolve and opening the door to indefinite negotiations with the new Rouhani administration, which they perceive as “moderate.”
  5. Israeli military leaders believe they have the operational capabilities to destroy — or at least seriously damage — Iran’s nuclear program, but they…

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BBC showcases convicted anti-Israel activist in context-free illustration

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I refer my ‘honourable friend’ Bell to the bollocks she wrote earlier, and earlier, and earlier and…so on…
She needs to be dismissed.

BBC Watch

On July 31st 2013 an article by Bethany Bell titled “Scepticism all round amid renewed Mid-East peace talks” appeared in the ‘Features & Analysis’ section on the Middle East Page of the BBC News website. 

F and A Bell article hp

Bell’s article is of little interest, being nothing more than a collection of ‘he said, she said’ beachcombed from other media outlets and hearsay, and with the usual BBC euphemisms used to describe a terrorist organization.

“Many Palestinians are deeply sceptical about the prospects for peace, both in the West Bank, where President Mahmoud Abbas is in power, and in the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Islamist group Hamas.” [emphasis added]

To her credit, however, Bell does at least mention the Hamas Charter:

“Under its charter, Hamas is committed to the destruction of Israel. It has repeatedly condemned efforts for peace.”

But what really stands out about this article…

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UK Police ‘covered up’ violent campaign to turn London area ‘Islamic’

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I have a lot of respect for ordinary Police Officers. They have a hard job, made harder by Politicians and Police Chiefs forcing them to be Political Police enforcing left-wing racist laws against the indigenous population of Britain. They and we know that this situation cannot continue without a very violent ending. Police have a real, but difficult choice; connect with us, the British people or remain traitors and face the ultimate consequences. Because believe me, there WILL BE CONSEQUENCES to treason committed by our Police and their Political masters.

Withold The BBC License Fee

BBC TV Centre

Withold The BBC License Fee    <click here..

The Dog Says:-

It is with a heavy heart that We at Your Dog Wouldn’t Like It, urge all my followers and readers to Stop paying the BBC TV License fee until ALL the left-wing detritus is removed from employment therein.

I don’t like asking my friends to break the law, but here’s the point. A non-violent protest needs to be made. The once, impartial BBC has been taken over by left-wing anarchists and Communists who feel it their duty to use their privileges as Media Giants to forward their Satanic Marxist ideology to the detriment of the British people.

We must attack them at the source of their power, their money. Without it, they cannot operate. Then their Controllers will need to review their employment policies to address the situation to return to the once, crowning glory of Britishness; fair-mindedness, balanced reporting and a centre-right wing, Christian agenda.