Pedophile support group seeks ‘truth and dignity’ – Want same rights as homosexuals

God Help Us

Lyn Leahz

holdhands Admin Note: I pray Jesus comes back before anything like this would ever possibly become legal. I was already sickened trying to find a picture for this post. I came across a few pics that I could tell were real from other countries of children with adults.  It greatly upsets me! This world disgusts me! I want no part of this world. I praise God that we, as His children, are separate from this wicked place, and that Jesus Christ is coming soon, and where we are going, there shall be no more sin, no more pain, no more suffering! 

Just remember, not long ago, homosexual marriage seemed unthinkable, and we would doubt it would ever happen. Going way back, legalization of murdering unborn babies seemed impossible!  So let’s not shrug this off either.  Believe me, as evil as this world is, what this article is about could very…

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