Muslim veterinary head of Emergency Pet Hospital in Orlando defends animal abuse

The Dog Says:-

I’m getting really fed up with Muslims and their barbaric, savage ways with Animals, Women and Children. These are three beings that deserve the Most protection from Men in any society. The left think Muslim society is equally valid as our Western, Judeo- Christian society. IT IS NOT. We are far, far superior to anything Islamic. A person who is cruel to Women, Animals and Children has NO RIGHT to call himself a Man at all.

The Muslim Issue

How on earth do these islamosavages get to manage medical ‘care’ for innocent animals? Meanwhile a muslim dog trainer is arrested over video celebrating with her pet dogs in “moderate” Malaysia.
Coming from a culture with so much callous animal abuse and hatred of animals, there should be more stricter screening. It’s unfathomable to hear that a muslim is handling animals in a pet hospital. Across Europe muslims are stealing lifestock to slaughter them under halal where they are basically beheaded (openly bragged about by Anjem Choudary). In Scandinavia, U.S,, UK and France there are reports of increasing cases of muslims buying cage animals, pouring petrol on them and setting them on fire. An entire town in Sweden began protests when their cats were found beheaded one-by-one by muslim youth. In Spain, France, UK, Netherlands, and Germany muslims have been poisoning people’s dogs. We also have reports on torture of…

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