Our Answer is Found in Christ

The Dog Says:-
Jesus Christ, Our God, is the only way to eternal life.

This Day With God

Technologies change and jobs change but the character of God never changes. Learning how to live God’s way is useful now and forever.

I’m reading now in Ecclesiastes and Solomon who is thought to be the author was humble and wise but following his path only goes so far. By following the path God has created in the life of Christ, we are walking the clear path that takes us all the way home.

Let God be a part of the new challenges of the future. Many old strategiesmay not work but with God, we are on the cutting edge.

Use these cutting edge strategies to help others find Christ. There’s always one more person to help get excited about the contentment and eternal treasures found in Christ. I found this video that emphasizes how important Jesus is in our life: Heart of Worship – Matt Redman.

When working…

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