Britain Will Be An Islamic Country Within A Decade    <click here for a disturbing video

The Dog Says:-

By the time our Children’s Children are grown up, they will be bowing to Mecca, encased in Burqa’s or BEHEADDED. Only public political action and good old British Bulldog spirit can stop this NOW. We must do this for our Children or, in their slavery to the Satanic ALLAH, they’ll NEVER forgive us.

3 thoughts on “Britain Will Be An Islamic Country Within A Decade”

  1. For the love of my British Brothers & Sisters, I pray not. I pray she revolts before this is allowed…
    But what have you for defenses if not any guns?


    1. Since 1994, Britons have not been allowed to legally possess even a .22 hand gun. We have to totally rely on our government. We are basically defenceless, unless we can get the support of our military. This is a strong possibility, moves are being made by the EDL and the BNP NOW. There is an organization called ‘Combined ex Forces’. We will be working with them. Nuff said…


      1. I have heard as much? It’s good to have the resources and to know how to tap into them????
        Shameful a Government would be so damn calloused as to strip it’s citizens of their defenses? Absolutely corrupted…


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