Just in time for Ramadan: nail bomb explodes just an hour after funeral of Lee Rigby in UK

The Muslim Issue

The article doesn’t mention it, but rest assure this is another muslim-staged crime. As usual, not a single muslim was injured. It fits into Ramadan very well, which is currently ongoing, since Ramadan is a celebration the purification to prepare martyrs for jihad against the kafir. Because Ramadan is celebrating the intention for war, the incident of attacks, suicide bombs, mosques being destroyed, wars and other forms of violence escalate during Ramadan season.
Note how this article brings up the MUSLIM CREATED homemade bomb on June 22 at Aisha Mosque in Walsall, England, when a 75-year-old man had been arrested. Guess who that 75-year old man was? A SOMALI MUSLIM. Don’t forget who posted assurance before anyone had been found for the crime, that these so called hate-crimes were all fake and staged by muslims themselves: TheMuslimIssue.
This too smells like a muslim-staged crime. The nails, the safety of other…

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6 thoughts on “Just in time for Ramadan: nail bomb explodes just an hour after funeral of Lee Rigby in UK”

  1. islam always talks about how it’s about ‘peace’. I will not refer to islam a s a religion, as it is NOT and any decent analysis proves that out conclusively. This nail-bomb stunt of theirs…classic muzzie, always crying ‘persecution’ when it’s they who are the oppressors and persecutors.
    Their lack of any show of respect regarding Rigby, again, classic muzzie.

    islam is a supremacist cult-mindset alloyed into a purely Totalitarian ideology. It has nothing in common with an of the Genuine faiths, despite it’s claims, all of which are easily disproved.
    They claim that they follow The God. Really?
    I’m Pagan, and even I know that the difference between The God in Christianity and Judeism is a totally and completely different entity than the capricious arbitrarian and misogynistic abomination that is the muzzie ‘allah’.

    As for how ‘peaceful’ islam is…alright, over 20,000 terror attacks since 9/11…and they claim ‘it’s only a few’ bad muzzies. Only a ‘few’???
    Then there’s the whole thing about how they define ‘peace’: when all is of islam, there will be no more strife.
    In short, translated, they fully intend to eradicate every other culture and religious identity on the planet, killing or converting everyone to islam.

    In light of that, this nail bomb is an incident that should have been easily predicted.


      1. WORSE…islam was a scam cooked up originally bis grandfather, and Mo ran with it…BUT, when he took it to Mecca and tried to talk the Jews into following his new religion…they basically laughed at him and tossed him out. SO began the tradition of ‘muzzie butthurt’ that extends to this day.
        Now, all he really did was play pick-a-mix with Old Testament writings, and stuck with the ‘vengeful God’ idea, mixed in his own twisted and Crooked tastes, ripped the name ‘allah’ off the Moon deity his Pagan family and tribe worshipped (originally a deity who was called upon in bad times for help, with a wife deity and daughters) and essentially plagiarized what he wanted from Christianity and tossed away the rest.
        So….more Plagiary, than Polemic.
        Satanic…no, just Silly.
        I woulf honestly expect better work from a Fallen Angel than this sad, sack of crap called ‘islam’. 😉


        1. Marlene, you impress me more and more every time you write. I’m sure glad you found the Dog and Me. I’m NOT easily impressed. We may disagree on some things, but please stay with us. You are like a breath of fresh air.


          1. TY very much!! I take that as a very high compliment indeed!! 🙂 I just posted a new piece on islam, and it should really stir the ire of some of the mohammeddans and their supporters. 😉 Because it hits below the ‘waterline’ and states the naked truth of what islam really is. I accept that we might disagree here and there, that’s Normal for people though, but we’re both adults and between us I doubt things would ever get beyond a mild: ‘I disagree, but…’ kinda thing.


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