The Evil ‘Gay’ Agenda.


The Evil ‘Gay’ Agenda.    <click here.

The Dog Says:-

I am not against the right for all people to be able to live in peace and safety. This includes Homosexuals. They have the right not to have other people’s morals forced upon them.

But recently, it has become very clear that anyone who disagrees with their, frankly evil, agenda, should be persecuted, smeared and even KILLED.

Make no mistake, a lot of ‘Gay’ activists would like to murder and see murdered Christians who dare to oppose their narcissistic, Fascist agenda.

4 thoughts on “The Evil ‘Gay’ Agenda.”

  1. I have urged endlessly for my Brothers and Sisters to not vote for anyone who is not a Christian and for very sound reasons…
    Those who are not of YHVH, are in fact against him, against us. They will not be a voice of reason for us nor our faith. They will not champion in something they do not believe in and they will most certainly not defend those things they deem fallacies and fairy tales?!
    I lost 5 very close relationships with family members because I refused to vote for Romney and was so harsh against him…
    The very evil we have been tolerating is now standing against us in force.
    These are the types of evil that if you allow them preferential treatment, they will use their evil gains to demand even more of us…
    This is an unholy, perverted and disgusting practice, I despise it so much in fact that I cannot hold back my disdain towards it, nor especially those who practice it’s filth, and even though I am civil towards those who do practice this perverted behavior. I dare not sugar coat what our father abhors.
    It should be address for what it is, disgusting, an absolute perversion of YHVH’s intended purposes solely for a husband & his wife, his gift to us as Men & Woman…

    Love ya Brother, great article and keep up the wonderful job you’re doing, thank you Johnny….


    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you Brother. The LGBT agenda was not to be content with acceptance (a step too far in my view). They wish to thrust their perverted views upon normal people too. Children as young as 5 in America and Britain are being taught that Homosexuality is ‘Normal’. To me this is state sponsored CHILD ABUSE, nothing less.
      God Bless you Brother Jeffrey and keep up Gods good work, no matter who is insulted by it.


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