[UPDATED] UK: Three WHAT??? are under arrest for slaughtering ANOTHER British soldier, David Ryding, in the street?

British Army Flag
British Army Flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[UPDATED] UK: Three WHAT??? are under arrest for slaughtering ANOTHER British soldier, David Ryding, in the street?.    <click here

The Dog Says:-

More Muslim attacks on British Soldiers in Britain? Hide it all you like MSM. The public are beginning to understand the truth. You cowardly Main Stream Media dhimmies are complicit with the dhimmie government in the Deaths of British Forces and ordinary people by Muslim Murderers.

We the people WILL act and YOU will be held to account…Unless you start telling the British people the TRUTH.

10 thoughts on “[UPDATED] UK: Three WHAT??? are under arrest for slaughtering ANOTHER British soldier, David Ryding, in the street?”

      1. TY!! Just to say, I’m Pagan…but if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am no threat to Christians/Christianity and stand with them against islam…I am FULLY aware of the Purges and Pogroms happening vs. Christians/Christianity these days and am absolutely Opposed to it. Welcome in-kind to my humble, PolCorr denouncing blog! 😀 Everyone’s welcome at mine–even muzzies, as they always provide great examples of why their ideology must be expunged as a Threat vs. Humanity.


        1. Pagans are welcome here. But I will pray that you come to know Our Lord Jesus Christ. You will NOT be censored for a truly held belief but you may find a friendly discussion ensues. All I ask is that you come to The Dog with an open mind 😉


          1. Dude, Paganity Reveres and Venerates The Christ. Consider how we see him, based on our beliefs, right? I am open-minded, so no problems there. 🙂 We see The Christ as a Living Bridge between all the genuine faiths…and if you think about it, he is, right? We do not worship him, as it is felt by us that he was a humble Man and would not have wanted worship, in his life he seemed to have wanted only for people to listen to him. Thus, we Respect and Venerate, but do not worship out of respect for what we know of his character. We admire the Strength he had, to go to his death, to sacrifice himself willingly and quietly–how could anyone not? So, there is a Commonality between us in The Christ, although I admit it’s likely a new perspective to you. To us, he was the Living Incarnation of our Ostara (Easter) and Winter Solstice (The Light & Warmth vs. The Dark). While we love him for his Sacrifice of himself, we also Mourn his loss, and the day he returns..Paganity will be standing alongside him and Christianity to be sure. We owe him that, at least, in payment for a debt we can never truly repay to him. You also might have noticed that Pagans are more and more standing against the Modern Persecutions of Christians? The Lord’s Lambs, are more and more watched over by Lions, Bears and Wolves against those who think them easy prey.


            1. As long as you’re not a Mohammedan or left wing dhimmie, the Dog welcomes you.
              We are truth seekers and Christian. Differing opinions are good and we welcome them. So long as you don’t try to persuade our readers that Islam is a peaceful religion, all is well. The problem I have with a lot of Christians and some Pagans is that they have no backbone; they think that Jesus is a Teddybear. Well the bear has grown, he’s a grizzly bear now. All the places he will destroy in the end-times, according to the bible are now Muslim countries, (Magog – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, et al).


              1. No worries on either of those!!
                Oh islam IS peaceful–remember, once they kill and/or convert the rest of us, there’ll be ‘peace’ as they define it. With a definition of ‘peace’ such as that, islam exposes it’s True face, yes?
                islam is atrocity and murder wrapped in cultism and deception,
                The Christ was a Gentle Man, a Teacher…but as we all know, he knew when and where to kick butt Seriously when it was needed, as needed. Also, he will be returning as ‘Lion’–yes, Pagans like myself, we know his story and when he Returns, we will stand alongside him in defense of Humanity.
                I am a Pagan, a Follower of The Ancient Ways. We are NOT pacifists, not ‘hippy-esque’.We have had 3 attacks in the past year on our local Enclave, with people (including Elders) wounded, and damage done via explosives–namely a handcarved granite statue of Lyllith, and extensive damage done to the Burial Gardens. The muzzies responsible for the attacks found that Guardsmen are VERY skilled and dedicated protectors. In the past year, husband and I have had 7 friends killed by islam, the latest was last weekend in north end London, a women on crutches assaulted by 3 muzzies. I will NOT (unless replaced by a pod-person) claim that islam is anything but inimical to Humanity, Nature and Life and I consider it a threat to the kids Husband and I will have and our grandchildren.
                You are Christians, I am Pagan, we have Commonality in perspective and purpose. If you need or just seek proof I have a backbone, please review my blog posts on islam or I can direct you to my Facebook page.
                Ty for welcoming me, and please excuse my Dyslecia, I do my best, but…
                Oh, and there’s NO such thing a muslim nation–there are nations Wronfgully Occupied by islam, but islam has no legitimate claim to even a grain of dust. That’s my view and that of my People.


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