Calling All British Nationalists

Banner associated with the British National Party.

ImageThe Dog Says:-

I have today re-joined the British National Party. I had a little spat with them over Israel (I am a Zionist), but Britain is my second love, after Jesus. Any differences must be put aside to fight Islam. I ask all my readers to join the BNP or EDL. Let us fight back…

The Muslim Council of Britain say that this attack on the soldier is not Islamic. They lie. Mohammed, the pig of Islam said, in the Bukhari hadith, “I have been made victorious through TERROR”. READ THE KORAN and the Hadiths for yourselves. Don’t take my word for it.

As Sung Su said KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

Let us turn ISlam into WASlam.

3 thoughts on “Calling All British Nationalists”

  1. Prayers from USA. I do not fight Muslims, I evangelize. Sad to say I am not very successful and now have a different mission in support of my husband. But the few Muslims who found truth are very happy and make an impact, even though 4 of them lost EVERYTHING they had. But God made all things new for them. Awesome to see.
    I read your articles and I am wondering why Jesus causes you to hate Muslims? They are God’s creation also, even though they raise havoc for their Allah/Satan. Hatred doesn’t solve anything, though I have to admit, I can love them only as an “ACT of my will”, but with a kind heart. They can’t really help it to be deceived, because they were indoctrinated just like Christians from the time they were little, live in a totalitarian culture and when the Lord sets them free they have to fear for their lives, loose all they have. Very sad.
    I have studied at Islamic University of Saudi Arabia and know much of their stupid religion, but never debate religion with them, because it is futile since the Quran says much of the Bible, however all the important parts are omitted. But we CAN reach Muslims with love, acceptance of their humanity and show them what Jesus/God is really like.
    Be blessed and I pray for you and Britain, who is very much infiltrated. Pray for us that we can get rid of our Muslim president.
    God bless you!


      1. Me too and all other religions also, including Christianity as religion. May be I misunderstood, by the way you write it is easy understood it is against Muslims, not their religion. I know my Muslim friends would take offense to your writing and close their ears immediately to the salvation message of Jesus. If we tick them off before we even tell them anything, they will not hear us. At least that happened to me very often.
        Be blessed.


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