New Sharia Patrols Shake London

The Dog Says:-

This is happening more and more often. These Muslim thugs have been emboldened by the shameful inaction of London’s Metropolitan Police.

My call to all Englishmen and Englishwomen (and their Dogs), “Take back our streets, or lose them forever”.

4 thoughts on “New Sharia Patrols Shake London”

  1. These people run away from the horrors they have created in their Mideastern country’s, and then began to create the same horrible standards they ran away from to begin with in their host country’s?
    It goes to show just how deprived these people are of any goodness, they are chaotic, volatile, dangerously unpredictable and utterly destructive!
    What makes them even more dangerous, are, that they are allowed to rough shod over the citizens of their host country and make demands of them using intimidation and fear and rioting, getting exactly whatever they wish to have, and England is by far the most passive Nation I have yet to witness.
    The most proudest Nation to ever stand, she now shamefully bows down to Islam, suffering her own citizens to comply with these shar’ia ass lifters…
    Too damn sad…To damn sad for the proud Britons…


    1. Thank you Jeffrey. Yes these people are evil. There is nothing we can do until they are convicted by the Holy Spirit. Even then they need to listen and repent. Somehow Islam has found a way of condemning most (not all) of these people for eternity.
      To be honest, I think we are heading for Civil War in Britain. I just hope we have America on OUR (Christian) side.


      1. Just yell Crusades and you’ll have some 42 million screaming bible thumping rebels coming to help y’all. The 39% of the South are of English descent and like myself are Southern Baptist Evangelicals…Mean man, real mean Brother hahahahaha… I would be there in a skinny second when needed.


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